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You Need a Healthy Workplace

That means relief from those tight neck muscles, your sore back, and those aching shoulders

Because when you feel good:

You’re in a better mood

You can stay focused and on task without the interruptions of those aches and pains. 

You’re actually motivated to ‘get the job done’.

 And the little things – well they don’t even come into play – because all is good!

Wouldn’t it be great to feel this way Every Day, ALL Day, in your office.

Because the best part?  

Having energy for a life after 5 PM.


The reality Is...

You're feeling anything but focused and motivated in your office.
ergonomics in the workplace

You can’t concentrate on work when every few minutes 

  • your shifting in your chair
  • massaging you sore neck muscles, and
  • trying to stretch out your shoulders.

There's a Solution


to decrease your back pain


relax those tight neck muscles


and your shoulders feeling like you just had a massage.

healthy workplace

The Functional Ergonomic Framework

The Functional Ergonomic Framework is at the Heart of Ergo Made Easy because it truly is a Simple 3 Step Solution.

1. Evaluate     2. Integrate    3. Align



The solution to feeling great starts with you.  

Evaluating YOU and your office creates the foundation for a healthy workspace. 

Determining how you move and what your body needs for support and alignment is how to create a pain free and productive workplace. 

ergonomic assessment


The tools of your job need to integrate with your office space, job demands, and your body’s alignment needs.

Creating a work flow allows proper work postures, energy conservation, and the best use of your time in the office (so there can be a life after 5 PM).

ergonomic training


This is where the magic happens. You and your office need to come together as a Dynamic Duo.  

Adjusting equipment to fit your body and ordering any needed ergonomic accessories to balance and align to create a seamless fit.

Education so you’re confident about your body alignment, workflow, and office setup.

That’s the Functional Ergo Framework and it truly is:

 Ergo Made Easy.

healthy workplace
are you ready

to feel awesome?

What are you waiting for?  

Do you really want to spend another minute with that nagging  pain? Thinking your body will miraculously solve this problem itself?  

Do you like spending twice as much time in that office chair because you can’t concentrate and get that project finished?

And collapsing on the sofa spending your evenings in a slight coma like aura because you just don’t have the energy to stand up let along made dinner or actually got for a walk.



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