Ergonomic Solutions That Work


Based on 3 Essential Pillars that

  • decrease pain
  • improve productivity
  • and give you more energy
ergonomic solutions

The Struggle in the Office

It’s impossible to focus when you’re in pain. 

Your Body Hurts

Work’s Not Getting Done

And You’re feeling Stressed and Frustrated

A body that’s in alignment

requires less energy

uses less muscles to complete tasks, 

and moves in a state of flow that’s almost subconscious 

so the mind is freed to work on higher level functions.

Determining what undermines your body’s natural flow in the office is at the heart of Foundational Ergonomics.

This gives you back your energy so you can actually have a life after you leave the office.

Foundational Ergonomics is a 3 Step System that focuses FIRST on the worker.

1. Evaluate        2. Correct        3. Connect

This Framework guides all Ergonomic Services performed by Ergo Made Easy to ensure the best outcomes for pain relief, performance, and productivity.    

are you ready

to feel awesome in the Office?

What are you waiting for?  

Do you really want to spend another minute with that nagging  pain? Thinking your body will miraculously solve this problem itself?  

Do you like spending twice as much time in that office chair because you can’t concentrate and get that project finished?

And collapsing on the sofa spending your evenings in a slight coma like aura because you just don’t have the energy to stand up let alone made dinner or actually got for a walk.

Let’s get your body where it needs to be – heck, where it really wants to be – so the day is filled with promise and productivity instead of pain and dread.


Helping clients for over 25 years create a Happy Healthy Workplace

Our Go-To Ergonomist to make sure staff is safe and happy.  Such a joy to work with!

Toronto Catholic School Board

Thanks again for your assistance.  Our client is extremely pleased with your ergonomic knowledge and professionalism.

RBC Insurance

“You’re a Rock Star.”  “We’ve got another referral that needs your magic.”

“I just spoke with Jo and she’s happy to report she’s pain free!”

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